Weekend Workout 2.23.18

MODIFICATIONS: Decrease time to 2 minutes each (4 rounds) Goblet squat: Air squat Modified air squats (sit down/stand up from chair, chair + pillow, etc) Mountain climber Box jump: Box step-up Stair step-up Thruster: DB thruster Alternate rounds: Air squats Overhead press Air squat only

Weekend Workout 2.16.18

  MODIFICATIONS: Bike: 3 minutes fast elliptical with moderate resistance or incline Band walk: Bear crawl Pull ups: Ring rows  Overhead squat: Air squat with arms overhead or in front of body, depending on shoulder mobility

Research Roundup: All About the Glutes

The glutes-  everyone’s favorite muscle.  Let’s be honest- there’s no song called “I like big calves and I cannot lie.”  Or “All about that neck” (no treble!).   But strong glutes don’t just look nice in jeans-  they prevent injury, improve performance, and increase running speed. Sadly, for the amount of attention we give our butts, the majority of us … Read More