Why my week was #BETTER 7.21.17

It’s Friday!  End of another workweek and beginning of another summer weekend… ahhh….

Here’s what made this week #BETTER:

  1. Hot. Hot. Hot– Running in these weather conditions is tough.   Keep this chart as a reference for pacing your runs.  Remember that expecting a PR at this time of year is not realistic…and be safe out there!   Which brings me to my next point…
  2. Hydration– Not sure about anyone else in TheLand, but I’ve had one heck of a time staying hydrated in this humidity.  It has affected my workouts, my energy levels, and my overall health.  I’ve made a conscious effort to and to drink water throughout the week- not just before or after my workouts.  You should too.
  3. Move better to feel better– had a great time prepping for next week’s mobility clinic with Results Personal Training. Join us next Thursday, July 27! Register here
  4. We picked blueberries last weekend.  I used them for this blueberry banana bread.  It was glorious.   Paleo and vegan if you sub a flax egg-  I did.  Top with warm almond butter to make your breakfast even more amazing.
  5. Registration is up for the ACL course I’ll be teaching in Mammoth, CA with JetSet Rehab!   Join use for an amazing weekend of skiing and nerding out on ACL rehab, return to play, and video analysis!