Why my week was #BETTER 7.28.17

Happy weekend everyone!  I spent last weekend at Chautauqua Lake with family and one (very happy) dog named Buddy.

Looking forward to this weekend’s long run with Fleet Feet Cleveland and this amazing Filipino feast at The Plum Cafe.  Hope you all have an amazing weekend too!

Here’s what made this workweek #BETTER:

  1. Want to master toes-to-bar?  I do!  I’ve been spending extra time on accessory work, including the hollow body hold.  I’ve also been paying attention to these tips.
  2. Early sport specialization is the norm these days.  Kids (and their parents) are told they must play soccer, basketball, baseball, or volleyball year-round  to receive a college scholarship or play professionally in the future.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Most successful athletes played multiple sports when they were younger-  including most of the US Women’s World Cup (Champion!) Soccer Team.   Check out this article from the Strength and Conditioning Journal, or this position statement from the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine which detail the increased injury risk for athletes who specialize too soon.
  3. Hand and wrist mobility is important for push-ups, burpees, planks, CrossFit, Yoga, and Olympic Weightlifting.  It’s often overlooked.  Check out this article from Breaking Muscle.
  4.  We’ve got a ton of fennel from our Refugee Response CSA.  Not typically a fan of the bulb, but we’re trying this recipe over the weekend.  Stay tuned on Instagram (@CLEsportsPT) for the results!