Things that are making my week #BETTER


Hi all!  Hope you are having an amazing week.  Check out what is making mine #BETTER:


  1.  Injured?  Having surgery?  Consider the role of nutrition in your healing process.  Check out this article from Life in Motion Sports Therapy in Arizona.
  2. Who doesn’t love the Script Cleveland signs around our city?  Now the East Side has a new one.  Looking forward to future photo ops here.
  3. We’re as right about predicting future injury as we are about predicting the weather.  Good food for thought from this British Journal of Sports Medicine editorial
  4. Loving the new Welshly Arms single Legendary and loving the fact it’s playing on Sirius radio.  Congrats to an awesome Cleveland band.
  5. This chickpea salad has been my lunch obsession during our two-week vegan “experiment”.  Even though I’m back to eating meat, this meal is staying in my heavy rotation of recipes.