Things That are Making my Week #BETTER 7.13.17

  1.  Are you ready for some Fútbol?  US National Team is coming to Browns Stadium this Saturday for a Gold Cup match vs Nicaragua.  The US has struggled since the last World Cup, but watching them play in the CLE is always amazing.  Get tickets here.  
  2. ACL re-injury research:  This study from the American Journal of Sports Medicine gives more evidence to the high rate of ACL re-injury in young athletes.  What is more surprising is that men had a higher rate of graft rupture than females-  despite women being at higher risk for first injury.  Males under 18 had the highest risk.
  3. Repeated episodes of back pain does NOT mean you have to give up your workout program.  Learn more here, or contact CLE Sports PT.
  4. Tight hamstrings?  Stretching them is not always the answer.  Great article from Breaking Muscle.
  5. We are in the middle of our 2-week dairy free “experiment” and this almond milk cream cheese has saved my sanity.  This stuff with a bit of Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Seasoning?  Don’t miss the real stuff at all!  I also can’t stop cooking this peanut sauce over Ohio City Pasta buckwheat soba noodles and vegetables from the OC Farm.