Research Roundup- Success in Volleyball, Training Power in Hockey, and Return-to-Kicking Program for Soccer

Future Elite Success in Volleyball-  What does it take?

A recent study  showed that tests of motor coordination (balance, jumping, lateral movement, and upper body coordination) in volleyball players were predictors of success in addition to the athlete’s height and vertical jump height.  In fact, these three tests were able to predict playing levels in volleyball players 5 years later.   Motor coordination is an important factor in success for volleyball players-  and it’s something that can be trained.

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Training Power and Explosiveness for Hockey

In a recent study, Division I, Elite Junior, and Division III hockey players (age 18-24 years) underwent both on-and off-ice performance testing.  Division I players had significantly lower body fat, better vertical jump, anaerobic and peak power.  They were also faster than the division III.   Authors concluded that performance differences between hockey players is due to ability to generate power.

A similar study in youth soccer players has shown that 6 weeks of plyometric training (define plyometrics) improved performance.

Bottom line: 

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I injured my leg in soccer.  How do I get back to shooting the ball?

This paper is the first of its kind for soccer players–  it outlines when and how to return to kicking after injury.  It also gives guidelines for when an athlete is ready to begin kicking.  An interval kicking program that takes athletes from basic kicking and passing through advanced shooting drills to safely progresses an athlete with the loading and impact of kicking.

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