RECOVERY: the biggest buzzword in sports science right now

As athletes continue to push the boundaries of their bodies with training, recovery becomes even more important. 

Why? To reduce fatigue and enhance athletic performance.  In theory, if you can recover faster, you can train harder (or more often).

But, unfortunately recovery is complex.  There’s no one way to do it effectively. This is because it depends on a LOT of factors:

▶️ Type of exercise (volume, intensity, type of training/sport, degree of fatigue, degree of recovery from previous training)
▶️ Nutrition, hydration status
▶️ Psychological stress (competition, outside factors)
▶️ Sleep
▶️ Other issues – relationships, social factors, job or school stressors
▶️ Health status (illness, muscle soreness, other health history)
▶️ Environment (temperature, altitude)
▶️ Training status (untrained, trained, overtrained) 

Stay tuned to the blog as I break these down further. In the meantime, if you have any questions about your individual recovery, contact me ([email protected]) or schedule a session here.