On-field injury rehab: how to safely get back in the game [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the reasons I started CLE Sports PT & Performance was to work with athletes in their own element. I’ve always felt it provided a more complete recovery and return to their sport. 

The literature shows that “on-field rehab” does just that. ACL injury. management, done in this manner, has been shown to be associated with:

  • superior muscle strength and function
  • superior cardiovascular fitness
  • better patient-reported outcomes
  • lower risk of re-injury upon return to sport (Della Villa et al, 2012, 2015).

PLUS, it keeps the athlete with their team as much as possible, which is critical for their mental readiness to return (and lessens the feeling of being “left behind” from the work their team is putting in).

I’m so happy this clinical commentary came out over the summer. Check out the infographic below.