The mental side of injury recovery, hamstring pain, being your true self. Sports PT and performance link roundup 4.28.18

Injury recovery should focus on the whole person

Happy weekend everyone!  Here’s a roundup of what I’m loving this week in the world of sports performance and PT.  Enjoy!



  • I send people this article CONSTANTLY (did it again the other day).  Proximal hamstring tendinopathy is basically a large pain in the butt; it’s common in runners.  The injury occurs where the hamstring tendon attaches to the pelvis (what some may call your “sit bones”).  During overuse or workouts like hill running, deep lunges, or aggressive stretching, the tendon gets compressed onto the bone and becomes inflamed.  Sitting hurts it too.  Check out this infographic for tips on what to do, and if you have sitting pain click here.


  • Read this for a reminder that the world needs more of who you really are.  So let your true self show during your training….unless that entails whining or sitting out a drill that you know will make you better in the long run 🙂


  • Female athlete triad (or “The Triad”) is associated with stress fractures and other injuries.  It’s more common than you think and also affects male athletes.  Check out one of my favorite podcasts, PT Inquest, for more info. This episode features researcher (and mentor of mine!), Mitch Rauh.



  • Nutrition is key in preventing the Triad or treating athletes who already have it.   Learn my experience with Female Athlete Triad and how it taught me how important nutrition is for sports performance.