Research Roundup: Improve Your Soccer Performance With Plyometrics and Sprint Training

Ever wondered how to take your soccer skills to the next level?  Footskills and tactical training are important, but adding plyometrics and sprint training give you the explosiveness to beat a defender to the ball.  This week’s study from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning  shows the effect of this training on youth soccer players.  

The researchers divided young soccer players (14 and 15 year-olds) into 2 groups:  a control group that did only soccer training 4 days per week, and an experimental group that added plyometrics and sprint training twice per week.  Before and after the experiment, both groups  went through performance testing, including a 10-M sprint test, agility tests with and without a ball, vertical jump testing, and the beep test. 

The group that added the plyometrics and sprint training showed improved explosiveness, including faster sprint speed, quicker change of direction, higher vertical jump, and better ball-shooting speed

The control group that only went to soccer practice showed no improvement.  

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