Research Roundup- Baseball Edition

Could hip strengthening help you become a better pitcher?  You bet it can! 

Multiple studies (here, here, or even here) including this recent one, have shown that the hip muscles are active during baseball pitching.   The study also showed the importance of the muscles around the shoulder blade (the scapular stabilizers).

The pitching motion requires total body strength-  Include hip and core strengthening in your offseason routine to #getBETTER

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Late Inning Fatigue Decreases Pitching Velocity

National initiatives such as the STOP Sports Injuries Program  advocate for pitch counts in baseball to prevent overuse injuries.  A recent paper looking at national champion high school baseball pitchers further strengthens their case.  The study showed that pitching velocity significantly decreased as the pitchers became tired.   Pitching form worsened as well.  Furthermore, arm muscles remained weaker for 2 DAYS after pitching.

Don’t let an overuse injury keep you out of the game.  Follow pitch counts and recommendations seen here.

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