Give your recovery or training an edge with nutrition coaching.

    Make your performance, health,
    and body even BETTER.

    Individualized coaching for injury recovery, sports performance, and long-term health.

    Frequently asked Questions:

    What is Nutrition Coaching?

    Nutrition coaching is NOT a diet. 

    Nutrition coaching is a set of tools to help you improve your performance, health, and body.  

    Individualized tools.  Developed for your needs.

    Lasting change does not come from a diet.  It comes from proven, research-driven methods.

    How does nutrition help injury recovery? 

    Nutrition plays an important role:

    1. Helps manage inflammation
    2. Supports immune function
    3. Aids tissue repair and rebuilding

    What makes a nutrition program effective?

    1. Asks people to care about their food and eating
    2. Focuses on food quality
    3. Eliminates nutrient deficiencies
    4. Controls appetite and food intake
    5. Promotes regular exercise

    CLE Sports PT & Performance promotes lifelong health through effective, sustainable nutrition and exercise habits.

    Carol Mack is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach:

    The Precision Nutrition Certificate is the most rigorous and demanding of it’s kind.  Learn more here.