Weekend Workout 11.22.19

Happy weekend before the holiday season! Email info@CLEsportsPT.com for scaling options. Enjoy!

Bench press technique: flat-back vs arched-back. [INFOGRAPHIC]

I’ll admit that the arched-back bench press looks strange.  Kind of like a back injury waiting to happen.  However, when done correctly,  it’s safe and is the preferred technique used for powerlifting.   Why?  Because the arched position shortens the range of motion needed in competition to push a heavy barbell upward.   Is it necessary?  Depends on your training … Read More

Reaching Peak Performance [ARTICLE SUMMARY]

I’m loving the early edition of this paper in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy. There’s no doubt that athletes need to train hard to reach peak performance. But how hard? And how fast should that training ramp up? Thanks to Tim Gabbett for this excellent commentary. In my very humble opinion, clinicians, coaches, and athletes all need … Read More

Running form: what’s ideal? [INFOGRAPHIC]

I get a lot of questions on “how to run.” This infographic outlines general guidelines, but please note that there is no perfect method for running. Use these as general suggestions, but keep in mind that everyone’s body is different. For example, some colleges did not recruit Michael Johnson due to his unconventional sprinting form. If you don’t have an … Read More

Weekend Workout 11.8.19

A variation on a workout from March 1. As always, email info@CLEsportPT.com for scaling options.

Concussions are complicated [INFOGRAPHIC]

The most common symptom of a concussion is a headache. These injuries can affect many other body systems, however, causing other symptoms and sometimes leading to prolonged recovery (and time lost from sports). Read more below.

Weekend Workout 11.1.19

Short and sweet this weekend. Work for time and try to get through this as quickly as possible (but still under control) Add a cool down if needed. – long, slow bike/jog/row. As always, contact CLE Sports PT & Performance for recommendations on how to modify this workout.  Never push through pain.