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YOUR rehab.  On YOUR terms.  Why?  Because, it’s about your body and returning to your lifestyle.

CLE Sports PT & Performance understands the unique demands of an athlete’s body.  Whether it’s the Olympics and Division I athletics, or the Cleveland Marathon, yoga, and CrossFit- each athlete has a goal.  And our job is to make sure an injury doesn’t hold you back from that goal.  Good rehab strives to make an athlete #BETTER than before the injury.

on-site rehab

An injury is frustrating.

Not being able to compete or do what you love is incredibly difficult.

Spending time away from your team or gym to rehab the injury makes things even worse.

CLE Sports PT & Performance eliminates this problem by scheduling treatment sessions at YOUR facility-  keeping your head in the game and getting you back in it quicker than “typical” Physical therapy.



Don’t wait-  start getting #BETTER.  Contact CLE Sports PT below for a free 15 minute consult.

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