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– Do I need a referral from a Physician?

No!  In the state of Ohio, patients can see Physical Therapists without a prescription.

– Do I need an injury to see a Physical Therapist?

No!  Physical Therapists are movement experts specializing in both rehab and identifying risk factors for injury.  Enhance your performance and lower your risk of an injury before it occurs.

– Do you accept insurance?

CLE Sports PT & Performance is an out of network provider.  This means insurance is not directly accepted.  This allows you to have the best quality of care, longer sessions, and 1-on-1 time with your PT.   “Traditional PT clinics” that contract with insurance usually see patients 2-3x/week and often do not spend much 1-on-1 time.   You may even save money by seeing an out of network PT.  How?  Find out here

Better care means YOU get BETTER FASTER-  and back to YOUR LIFE or SPORT.

You can call your insurance company and ask what your out of network physical therapy benefits are.   This is very easy to do- the number is on the back of your card.  Often insurance reimburses you for all or some of your PT services.  CLE Sports PT & Performance will give you the necessary information for reimbursement.  CLE Sports PT & Performance charges a flat rate for all services with no “hidden fees” or being surprised by a bill from a part of services that insurance does not cover



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