Concussion Series Part 4: Does Neck Strengthening Prevent Injury?

Neck strengthening programs are the Sports Medicine community’s newest weapon in combatting the concussion epidemic.  Syracuse University’s football team made news in 2012 when the program implemented a neck strengthening program in 2012, attempting to cut the number of concussions.  While many Sports Medicine Experts recommend revisions to Syracuse’s program – more on this later- it has still been considered a … Read More

The Concussion Series Part 3: Why it’s not Always Good to be Like the Pros

I’m writing this post one day after Sydney Seau’s moving speech honoring her father, Junior Seau, at his induction in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Junior Seau asked his daughter to speak on his behalf if he made it into the Hall of Fame before he committed suicide in 2012.   He was found to have had a degenerative … Read More

The Concussion Series- Part 2: Concussions in Female Athletes

The gender gap in US sports continues…   Despite the heroics the US Women’s Soccer Team displayed at the World Cup this summer (in stark contrast to the Men’s Gold Cup loss to Jamaica a few weeks later), data continues to mount showing that female soccer players have more concussions than men and have symptoms for a longer period. Check out these staggering … Read More